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What are the Aims of the Inter-Faith Forum?

The essential aims of the Forum are to promote mutual understanding between different faith traditions and to educate people in Northern Ireland in awareness that we are not a country of two traditions only, but a vibrant community of many faiths whose people come from varied religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Why not join us?

Membership currently stands at over a hundred drawn from many religious backgrounds: Bahá'í, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh, as well as Christians from different traditions. Forum members are not necessarily official delegates of their respective communities, but represent a balanced cross-section of people desirous of sharing and fostering mutual appreciation of each other’s beliefs and cultural diversity.

New members from whatever background, who can accept the Forum’s aims, are most welcome at this exciting time in our development.  By becoming a member you can show your commitment to inter-faith dialogue and understanding.  For only £10 per annum, you can become a valuable part of an organisation that is innovative and responsive to the needs of our increasingly diverse faith communities.  In specific terms, your financial contribution will enable us to be more proactive and effectual in the following arenas:

POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT - Effectively lobbying our decision-makers (MLA’s and MP’s) to ensure that:

a)   they are aware of issues relating to faith diversity and the contribution that wider and more meaningful involvement can make to social development and cohesion, and

b)   to ensure that faith diversity is recognised in public events that are organised by the Assembly, Executive or Governmental Departments.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT - To develop public discourse on the issue of faith diversity via:

a)   organising a wide range of high quality speakers for quarterly Forum meetings on subjects that are relevant and timely,

b)   the establishment a series of Friday lunchtime dialogue sessions where key thinkers and social innovators are invited to make short interactive presentations on matters relating to faith diversity, and

c)   development of an interactive web-presence using social media tools.

Want to find out more?

You can find further information on the Inter-Faith Forum by visiting our website (

To join us, please send a cheque for £10 (made payable to the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum) to:

Edwin Graham
The Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum
28 Derrymore Road
BT67 0BW


To subscribe to the email group please send an email to:

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