PRESS Release 25/05/2014

Press Release

24th May 2014

The Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum (NIIF) is concerned about the recent negative comments about Islam and Muslims that have been broadcast in the media following a sermon by Pastor James McConnell at the Whitewell Tabernacle in Belfast.  


The comments in the media hurt thousands of Muslims living peacefully in Northern Ireland and also promote hatred against two billion Muslims all over the globe.


While we accept that freedom of speech is a basic human right, this needs to be balanced with the basic human right of respect for others’ faith and identity.

The Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum has a vision for Northern Ireland of Faith communities, together, evidencing understanding, mutual respect and trust.     

                                                                                                                                                       The mission of the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum is to bring members from world faiths together in a self-governed forum where members work together to facilitate dialogue, promote community cohesion and provide an authentic voice on faith matters, embracing values of faith, diversity, equality, inclusion, partnership, responsibility, excellence and well being.


In keeping with our mission we are happy to facilitate dialogue and to seek to establish understanding in our increasingly diverse society.


NIIF Executive Committee officers:

            Chair:       Dr Ahmed Helmy

            Secretary: Dr Norman Richardson

            Vice chair: Mr Edwin Graham

            Treasurer: Ms Phil Graham