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Statement from the Interfaith Network of the UK

Inter Faith Network of the UK

Co-Chairs' message

22 March 2016

This morning brought news of fresh appalling attacks in another European city: Brussels.

As an IFN Officers' statement of last November, following the Paris attack, noted, terrorists have as their aim the creation of a climate of fear and uncertainty. Their victory begins the moment that people can no longer live in trust and with a sense of shared citizenship.

Following the Paris attacks of November, faith and inter faith groups stood in solidarity. The attacks in Brussels will also have a significance for our lives together here in the UK and we know that our member bodies and people of all faiths and none will be remembering in the coming days those murdered and otherwise affected by the attacks in Brussels and standing together against violence and division.

As we and our fellow officers said after the Paris attacks: "Terrorism has many faces. Sometimes it wears the mask of religion, claiming a justification in religious teaching for its acts.  This is rejected in the strongest terms by faith communities."

Best wishes, Bishop Richard Atkinson and Vivian Wineman