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Faith & Neuroscience

Faith & Neuroscience

Click here for Prof Ingrid Allen's presentation given at the 5th December meeting. (Need Microsoft Powerpoint viewer for this).

Inaugural Lunchtime Lecture

On 10th October 2011 the Inter-Faith Forum began a series of lunchtime lectures. The inaugural lecture in the series was given by Dr Colin Harvey from Queen's University Belfast. Dr Colin Harvey is Professor of Human Rights Law, Head of the Law School and a member of Senate at Queen’s University Belfast.

Click here to read his lecture.

Report on Inter-Faith Panel in Stormont

Allan Leonard has provided a report on the panel discussion held in Stormont on 21st November:

Hi Edwin,

I enjoyed myself at the panel discussion last night -- a successful event I think!

Firstly, here's the link to the photos that I took. If you require even higher resolution, just let me know:

I've posted an article on my personal website ( as well as on Slugger O'Toole (where it will hopefully generate some


Meanwhile, I would be grateful if you could direct your members and friends to my work project, Our Future Together, where I have also posted the article:

Indeed, if you could get individuals to sign up to the Our Future Together website, the better!

And if you're interested in setting up a Group on the site for the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum, tell me. Coordinating the activities of good relations organisations in Northern Ireland is the raison d'être of the site.

Best regards,


Allan Leonard

Director, Northern Ireland Foundation

Forthcoming Events - Winter 2011-2012

Please look at the Events page for full details of our forthcoming events.

The main event in the near future is the panel discussion we are arranging in Parliament Buildings on Monday 21st November at 7:30pm.

This event is being sponsored by Junior Ministers Jonathan Bell and Martina Anderson.  Panellists will be Steven Agnew, Anna Lo, Basil McCrea and Conall McDevitt. This event is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and is being held to mark Inter-Faith Week.

We are pleased to be able to extend an invitation to you to attend this event. However it is essential that you are registered in advance.  To register please email or phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0777 9600 254 as soon as possible.

In addition to the panel discussion in the Long Gallery I would like to draw your attention to the lunchtime lecture that is being held in Edgehill College on Monday coming, 7th November, with Professor Tony Gallagher. The lecture will be followed by a discussion and is on the subject of “Shared Education”.  The issue of education was what stimulated the formation of the Inter-Faith Forum in the early nineties and there is no doubt that this will be an interesting presentation.

A reminder: the membership subscription is £10. If you have not paid your subscription for 2011 please do it now and we will extend your membership up to the end of 2012. Cheques should be made payable to the Inter-Faith Forum and sent to:

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