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Attack on Jewish Graves in City Cemetary

The Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum was shocked and appalled by the attack on graves of members of the Jewish Community in Belfast City Cemetery. Thirteen graves were desecrated when eight youths knocked over and smashed headstones with hammers. They even tried to break into where the bodies are laid to rest. The incident is reported to have happened in broad daylight at 3pm in the afternoon.


People of all faiths and beliefs share the view that a person's final resting place should be treated with respect. It is deeply disturbing that graves are desecrated in this way but it is particularly worrying that the offenders specifically targeted the graves in the Jewish section of the graveyard.

Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum
5th September 2016

Statement from the Interfaith Network of the UK

Inter Faith Network of the UK

Co-Chairs' message

22 March 2016

This morning brought news of fresh appalling attacks in another European city: Brussels.

As an IFN Officers' statement of last November, following the Paris attack, noted, terrorists have as their aim the creation of a climate of fear and uncertainty. Their victory begins the moment that people can no longer live in trust and with a sense of shared citizenship.

Following the Paris attacks of November, faith and inter faith groups stood in solidarity. The attacks in Brussels will also have a significance for our lives together here in the UK and we know that our member bodies and people of all faiths and none will be remembering in the coming days those murdered and otherwise affected by the attacks in Brussels and standing together against violence and division.

As we and our fellow officers said after the Paris attacks: "Terrorism has many faces. Sometimes it wears the mask of religion, claiming a justification in religious teaching for its acts.  This is rejected in the strongest terms by faith communities."

Best wishes, Bishop Richard Atkinson and Vivian Wineman

Threads of Compassion - Guidelines for multifaith and interfaith events

"Threads of Compassion - Guidelines for multifaith and interfaith events" is a new resource launched on Tuesday, 17th November 2015.  Click here to see the pdf file

Annual Interfaith Awards

Dear Friends

This is the second year of the Annual Interfaith Awards

The awards were presented yesterday at the launch of "Threads of Compassion - Guidelines for Multifaith and Interfaith Events"

The details of the two awards are below.

If you would like any more information feel free to contact me

Best wishes

Edwin Graham

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AGM & Panel Discussion

To all members and friends of the Inter-Faith Forum:

The next meeting of the Forum will be a special meeting combining the Annual General Meeting with a special panel discussion on the theme of religious intolerance. It will be on Wednesday 11th March.


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